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James and The Sage

By James Lynch Jr. "I'm a Product of Culture; Welcome to the Poetry of Life and Recreation in The Sage PoeArtistry. Life is worth living forever. Throughout the centuries it has taken The Arts and Nature to explore these gifts.  As we sample the marvels of life, young and old treasure up memories meant to last longer than the life of trees and vineyards. Again, welcome to this titled book James & The Sage PoeArtistry" PAGE 1 It Sparkles in Affirmation of What You See It is a marvelous way of greeting someone each day. “What is it?” You ask. A sparkling smile while bestowing on another person, “G’day!” Or “G’ morning!” Your thoughts on this Book can be directed here: minds/pocbookscrypto I, James Lynch Jr. will respond to your thoughts on Caring is Sharing Tuesdays, as it stands right now. PAGE 2 James PoeArtistry When the Grand Creator raises you as a Poet; your mind and spirit will not stay confined in physical housings that are magnificently made. What YOU see in the travels are placed into words What YOU hear on oceans are placed into songs. What is hard to understand is placed onto canvas. Ah, YOU have Poetry, Music, and Art — YOU have PoeArtistry Faithful Readers When YOU have grasp the spirit of what is presented — You have James PoeArtistry PAGE 3 The Sage Poetic Ah, The Sage is an experience that after you hear their words, it behooves us to live what is said… What are the steps of creating a fine wine? The Sage Farmer states: Harvesting Crushing Pressing Fermentation Clarification Aging and Bottling YOU hear how articulate the Sage Winery Farmer explains the steps to make a fine barrel of wine. Oh ah, do you not agree, to LIVE & LEARN what the Sage explained over the coffee den conversation? So it goes with the Sage Poetry in life; we become like the seasoned fine wine made by The Grand Sage himself. PAGE 4 The Sage Harvesting The grape harvest of this sweet blue, purple, red, green, mix colors of vitamin’s life; The Sage’s time frame of the harvest is pleasant during the evening air of the night light; As he contemplates the success of the daylight’s activities; Eating during the harvest is part of his wage; This is why he saves this task for the desserts time of the day; As he cuts each vine with shears, the pails and baskets fill faster than what some would imagine Yes, this is the difference between the Sage Farmer’s cultivation experience of many years and ones who just appeared to become acquainted with the harvest. The Sage with seven & eight pails states to the worker with one: Don’t you be down or sadden, I’ve been at this for many years, now run along and don’t forget to have fun. PAGE 5 One From The Land As they sat at the tent, waiting for a certain person to arrive, it took longer than this proud and beautiful man had expected… He walked outside; he looked down a path where he could see the person everybody was waiting for sitting down. It looked like he was sitting near a Lake. His eyesight was just that good at this far distance. So he started walking down the path. It was wide enough. Yes; plenty of space. The sequoia trees still seem to inch back to make way for him. Yes; as he continued to walk towards the man, even the King of the jungles, the lions started getting their hair cut to offer him their mane. As he walked up towards the man, he was able to see there were alligators near the edge of the Lake. Oh, the man comfortably sitting down was not in fear or anything of that nature. He was using a stick to play with the little alligator children. As the traveler proceeded to get closer, the parent alligators seem to say, “Oh, oh, and then they disappeared into the lake leaving their children with the man sitting down. The little babies continued to play with the man. Now the visitor walked up and stood before him while the man kept playing with the alligator’s children. He said, “Why aren’t you at the tent?” “What are you doing?” “You’re in the big leagues; Now.” The man just chuckled, and kept playing with the alligator’s offspring. Then the visitor said it again. “What are you doing?” “We’re waiting for you to do this.” “And we need you to do that.” And so the man chuckled again. He said, “Look, you’re in the big leagues now.” So the man stop playing with the baby alligators. And he looked up at him, and spoke, “Oh kind sir; Do you know when was the first time I was told that? I was first told that when I was nine years old.” Regards, The Sage PAGE 6 The Sage Crushing Some parades have started with the crushing of grapes he laughs Ah, the more the merrier he chuckles again. The little one asks what you may think is obvious: Do you take off your shoes and socks? The Sage laughs again when he says, No; where do you think the flavor comes from? As the little one’s face turns a different shade of hue and rubs his stomach The Sage says; Gotcha *Sage Poetic Note: Crushing the grapes is after the vine stem removal and then the process of bursting the grapes inside of a container exposing the pulp. Grape Crushers PAGE 7 Seeing Real Beauty Seeing beauty at times takes a trained eye. It is more than just looking up at the sky. Some can take the easy way out by repeating what everyone has said before. But in order to be original the ability to see beauty has to go beyond the surface of the door. The face is just a shield. What’s inside happens to be the true yield. It often takes insight and training to see beyond such borders to not go along with the established order. You don’t have to wait until you are older. Young in age too can find beauty is in the eye of the beholder. PAGE 8 The Sage Pressing When the grape sheds his skin to be pure juice Like sweet nectar even the bees sample the quality What’s all the buzz about The Sage makes song to the little one Mr. Bee responds to The Sage; I heard you are making honey better than me Oh, no; never would I be able to do such a thing Mr. Bee But I will certainly take that as a compliment for such blessing you have bestowed upon me. PAGE 9 My Vision When I first thought of PoeArtistry My eyes were perfectly clear-sighted The colors and words on the pages jumped off with glistening tones and sounds Many forms of the spoken words, poetry as we would have it, could be heard over twenty yards away with no microphone Any closer, when people whispered, it sounded like they were speaking in the outside voice My skin could feel the slightest touch My heart could beat a thousand drums My mind could travel here, there, and everywhere What happens by the time you reach over a hundred From the eyesight to the sensitivity to taste and feel life wonders physically Whatever may be the case it is ever renewed and experienced in the PoeArtistry. PAGE 10 The Sage Fermentation When you can understand the fermentation process, then you are of an age to comprehend more Yes, advance chemistry is on display. What will The Sage teach you on this day. 7 days, he says, it took to create paradise and all within Earth, Wind, and Fire, surrounded by the oceans deep my little friend A chemical reaction with a sparkle of light Then Man and Woman came to life Inasmuch, 7 days here, wait until you sample the taste change from the sweet to the likes of moonshine he laughs The little one laughs as well because of the memory of The Sage stories during the sampling, as he calls it, in this process. “The Good Man says yeast ferments the whole loaf But using it in wine sure can float your boat” PAGE 11 Knowledge Is Knowledge is like a cold ripen perfectly watermelon on a hot day Knowledge is like every tasty vegetable, from the tangy to the sweet Knowledge is like the finest wine aged to perfection Knowledge, certain kinds, can also be like moonshine, meaning you have to be at an aged maturity and strength to handle such, YES, Such Power; if at all Knowledge is the sun in all its masculine light Knowledge is the moon who uses the sun’s rays perfectly to help all her children However, knowledge in its zenith degree is the True God Himself. He created all of the above. PAGE 12 The Sage Clarification How does the wine becomes so crystal clear? Well, we wait my dear. Allow every particle matter to settle Clarity in the bottling of every bottle is the goal Never take shortcuts least your market value will not go up tenfold PAGE 13 Life's Recreation Some choose to read Others enjoy a good meal to eat. While a fine man appreciates his fine wine to drink That lady over there sure loves to dance And she has a special selection of songs not left up to chance Ah, Life’s Recreation aren’t you glad we can be refreshed winter, spring, summer, and fall. Good God Some may say, we really do have it all! PAGE 14 The Sage Aging and Bottling Let us place these sealed barrels away now for future days to come He writes your name on a barrel and states: This will be opened on the day you feel is the best one. The longer you wait the wisdom of the process will be clear to you through the taste. With patience, intelligence, and nature’s elixirs respected; On your graduation day you will turn a new page with the opening of this wine. I will no longer call you a little one because you will be just as seasoned as this seasoned wine. PAGE 15 You Keep Smiling You keep smiling Knowing the sun is shining bright You keep laughing Knowing your heart is filled with many matters to be jovial You keep singing Your song is one that needs no instruments, yet when they join in, it is your voice that enhances their tune to a majestic degree You keep smiling You will always be a superstar to me. PAGE 16 It Sparkles in Affirmation of What You See Completion Did you enjoy the day in the years of possibilities? Over the years, there have been Poetic pens placed to paper thoughts that to this day, I would never want to lose the spirit of what such words were written for that day or for someone. Yes, events that still motivate us in the realms of possibilities — where Poets and Sages reside. Allow yours and mine presentation of this PoeArtistry to bloom wherever you will travel tomorrow. PAGE 17 Your Feedback on this Book can be directed here: minds/pocbookscrypto I, James Lynch Jr. will respond to your thoughts on Caring is Sharing Tuesdays, as it stands right now.