From the poster: Lawyer Anna de Buisseret explains in detail who is liable in the Convid hoax. My comment: The problem here is to become able to use the human rights or any other law which is valid for humans. You MUST use the natural person when you make a claim to have a chance here. If you use the juristic person, what regularly happens, you have no chance because then you take over the responibility for the juristic person and become a thing. And a thing has no human rights. That is the reason so many cases are lost. The lawers know this but dont tell you normally. They work all for the BAR Assiciation. The headquater of the BAR Association is in the City of London...a very special place in London/UK. The natural person is written as following: Mustermann, Max The juristic persons are written in this way: MAX MUSTERMANN or Mr./Mrs. Max Mustermann. The souverign Intergral/living being is written as following: Max :Mustermann You see it is very important how the name is exact written. The Second very important part is the Date. When you write to them, write the Date always in this Way: Your Date and the then Date.....please dont believe me, make your own research about all this, because it is really important that you understand this 100%. Useful as a start here are this links to start to understand how he personcult works and is acting:

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