Here's the Thing: Nicolas Sandmann just settled out of court with NBC for defamation after already suing/settling with CNN and WAPO, he has 3 more to go or so. You see even if you were a good person and wanted to just get past it and not sue, you can't do that. You have to sue people and organizations because financial penalties is all they understand, you have to make them understand when you do this there will be a 'price' to pay (just donate the money if you think it is wrong). This is why Rittenhouse has to do the same thing, he seems like a nice kid and might be wavering on doing this or not. He should not waver, if not for himself but for others down the road that 'they' would do same thing to, this the only thing they understand, a punch in the mouth. Now this brings me to my mainpoint. This is what Republicans in DC must do, they must get down in the mud with the Democrats. Before they would let the Democrats pull all their dirty tricks and then when in power do nothing back? Why, because we are decent people and don't want to stoop to their level. Guess what? Democrats know that, first they know 'they' have no morals or common decency, have no decorum nor respect for tradition and how some things you just don't do. Second they know because we/the reps in DC for our side have all that (for the most part) that we won't retaliate, we do things right because we are the good guys in that sense. Guess what? The genie is out of the bottle, they have to retaliate and not worry how they will paint us (face it is how they paint all of us). That ship has sailed. The only thing a bully knows is a punch in the mouth, then and only then does he change. That is the only way they will stop pulling their shit and the only way they ever will, if they pay a 'price'. So in Summary: If a representative is not willing to do this, then they must be primaried and we vote one in that will. Things have changed, the rules have changed and at this point in history, there is no room for nice guys, shit got serious.