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Newest Released Photographic Evidence Casts Doubt On Concentration Camps: Lehmann

HOWARD SPRINGS, AUS – Some night time footage provided by Claire Lehmann, Patriotic Australian founder of Quillette. Red Book for the “Red Pilled.” Seems it’s a huge party atmosphere, where no one is being forced or abused. If you view the photo above, you’ll see a live concert given to those dedicated to National Resilience. “Sure to some conspiracy theorists it may look like a Video Game screen shot, but that’s just because it’s dark,” said Lehmann. Australia urges all to obey now, so they don’t have to at some point. Meanwhile, enjoy the party travelers, even if it’s just traveling 4 blocks and not reporting it to your beckoning smart app. #ConcentrationCamps #ClaireLehmann #NationalResilience #Australia #HuffingluePost Huffinglue Post, Domains and all original work are copyright and intellectual property of Gölök Z Buday Forever. Share Headlines and Images, Unedited Freely On Social Media, not whole stories (unless reminded from official Minds Group). Everything must be accredited.