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Sports Illustrated Australia Releases Latest Swim Suit Issue

RESILIENCE, AUS – In an attempt to humanize the events in Australia, namely the totally not concentration camps for national resilience, a new plot, I mean plan has arose. The New Issue of the Australian Version of the “Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue.” The issue will cover the hot women of resilience. Showing all the amenities of hot metal shacks, dirt roads, constant monitoring, armed military guards and of course women posing in bikinis. “The issue will be a believed,” the Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “everyone will have to buy it or else.” The ministerial decree to be made on Dec 10th, 2021. #Australia #ConcentrationCamps #COVID19 #Quarantine #HuffingluePost Huffinglue Post, Domains and all original work are copyright and intellectual property of Gölök Z Buday Forever. Share Headlines and Images, Unedited Freely On Social Media, not whole stories (unless reminded from official Minds Group). Everything must be accredited.