Bob's journey isn't over yet

Apparently I'm bad at these story announcements. First off Vaxdemic (the first book) ends around Chapter 23 to 24. I was looking not just for feed back on the first book, but what the second may offer. The second book will still have Bob Stackey as the main character. The change comes from the story not being about homesteading in a deserted city. The second book will focus on what happened outside the city. The world will be very different and much diminished. Since it would be a dramatic change of subject matter I wanted to know if those of you who have enjoyed the story so far would like to explore it. I have enough chapters to take us through the end of this year So no worries for the month of December. Giving you guys a free weekly chapter will probably be something I do from now on, and I have other stories ready to go for later. It helps me keep my writing mussels sharp as I work on my bigger stories like Battle Games which requires a much larger investment of time. I will try to publish Vaxdemic book one (not the final name) before the final chapter is out. It all depends on how fast my editor is.

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