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Minister of Justice, Magnus Greel, Rejects Conspiracy Theories About Concentration Camps.

BRISBANE, AUS – In a Press Conference for the Australian Media, the Minister of Justice in Australia made absolute certain that no one “believe the unhinged conspiracies regarding their final solution on the COVID threat.” Rt. Hon. Magnus Greel stood up before the press and stated that in now way “Was the Government funding and sending people into Concentration Camps,” and that “they were send to a location where they can think about how they disappointed their Government.” He also continued to deny Time Travel and Experiments in Immortality, which no one asked about. “We must know the enemy, and that enemy are those who would question their Government’s plans, plans that have nothing to do with uniting the Eastern States.” Magnus later left to China to discuss the future between the two countries. No one knows why they didn’t send the Foreign Affairs Minister. #Australia #ConcentrationCamps #Brisbane #DrWhoMemes #HuffingluePost Huffinglue Post, Domains and all original work are copyright and intellectual property of Gölök Z Buday Forever. Share Headlines and Images, Unedited Freely On Social Media, not whole stories (unless reminded from official Minds Group). Everything must be accredited.