My e-mail to "the Vikings" (NFL), Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Infowars: Dear Mr. XXXX ("The Vikings"), I'm from Denmark, based in Copenhagen. I'm from the real Viking race. I even have a Viking first name: Bjarke. An American told me, there is an NFL team called "The Vikings", that is doing cultural appropriation. You're only allowed to call yourself "the Vikings", if you act like real Vikings, otherwise you are offensive and even racist against my Viking race. We Vikings are very proud people and we're super Patriotic. If you want to use our Viking race's name, you must obey by the Viking rules: 1: Love the American culture and be Patriotic 2: Fight against enemies that want to destroy your culture 3: Fight for freedom non stop I did some research and discovered you're not behaving like real Vikings at all: "Six Vikings players kneeled during the anthem". That's so offensive! I can't believe, what I read. You're destroying the name of my Viking race, with your cowardly behavior. When you use my Viking race's name commercially, you better behave like real Vikings, or we get really pissed off Viking style and go berserk. Imagine if I made a TV show called, "The Americans" and the hero of the show was the world's biggest bootlicking coward. Wouldn't you get upset? You're following the agenda of the communists (Wokeism), that want to destroy the US by pretending, they are fighting for humanity (Social Justice). They attack the US flag, and the US culture as part of their destructive agenda. First they destroy your culture, then they build a new communist culture from the ashes. ORDO AB CHAO /Order out of Chaos. You have 2 options: 1. Apologies to us real Vikings and change your brand 2. Act like real Vikings from now on and apologies for your past behavior! Best regards,