Moobiepostings 6: Venus as a Boy (2021)

Spoilers, because fuck this film. This film embodies everything I fucking hate about art films and has a cast of the kinds of people I despise the most. The protagonist is this severely unlikable, pretentious, black L.A. artist whose friends are all pretentious L.A. artists. The story, as little of it as there is, is about this artist dude who goes celibate and sober after realizing that all his relationships are him basically simping and getting fucked over. He meets this girl he gave a painting to in the past (a painting that was to be sold to an art collector, but he decided not to sell it because he's allergic to money or something) and starts an odd relationship with her. She's an instagram thot, another kind of person I do not like. She takes him to NYC to meet with some rich friends who could get his career off the ground, but they want to see "black rage" in his art about oppression and anger or some shit. For an oppressed dude he parties and has sex with rich white women a whole lot, while earning literally nothing, as far as I can tell. The film portrays all white people who talk with this artist dude as saying or doing inappropriate things (like a group of rich white dudes singing a rap song that says "nigga" a ton), or just not understanding him. The insta thot female rips him a new one in the single best scene in this shite film. She says that he told her he wants to be an artist, but doesn't want to do any work, has no motivation, and even when opportunities are presented, he doesn't take them. She says "If you don't want to sell out, don't sell out, but at least sell SOMETHING". It was cathartic to see this retarded prick get told off like that. ....But then they have sex and the artist's new paintings that aren't about black oppression and black rage magically sell to some art dealer and the film never admits that this artist did anything wrong. The funniest shit about Venus as a Boy is that the film never pays attention to money whatsoever. Near the end of the film the protagonist doesn't even know if he has bills to pay. It's an extremely sheltered, disgustingly Californian affair with an aimless protagonist whose parasitic life is probably bankrolled by his estranged parents. I wish to see California nuked for producing people like this, not just those portrayed in the film, but those that made the film.

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