🎥 Giving vs. Taking - Jonathan Adampants If I were to give you one certainty in all existence I would tell you this: Never, anywhere any when, should a taking consciousness be in control of a giving consciousness, and if that happens, that is certainly a STATE OF DISEASE.

"A true gift has no strings, has no motive, isn’t premeditated, isn’t calculated in the brain; it HAPPENS. Why will it happen? Because if you’re in a state of love and wanting to know thyself, you will be positioned into a situation that will allow you to do it. In other words, you don’t have to seek out the situation. If you truly want to know yourself, I promise you, you will be put into a situation where you will be allowed to give. You will not be forced to give, you will have your free will, because that which will put you in that position extends free will. Before you can know God, you have to know yourself. They are one and the same. Part of knowing thyself is giving, because what you truly are is a giver whether you can remember that or not. If you intend to know yourself, you will be put into a position, all day long if necessary, where you can give. If the next day you rebel from that and want to take, you’ll create a position where you can take. You create the cancer, Love will create the healing. A taker is a detached energy, it’s a disease. It takes in anticipation of being taken from. A taker deludes itself. It lies to itself, it justifies its own existence. It believes that it gives. How? It will strategically allow itself to be taken from, as if to justify its own existence. Giving and receiving are one. When you’re in the state of giving, you receive simultaneously." ∞ 🎵 from Knowledge parts 11-13 Please listen to Jonathan's full testimony of life in his 7 part series 'Reconnecting to Spirit'! pt. 1 - The HEALING begins NOW pt. 2 - PHASE THREE pt. 3 - KNOWLEDGE pt. 4 - Propaganda, Parables, and Perception pt. 5 - Important Teaching For Spiritual Healers pt. 6 - Another Lesson from the Spirit pt. 7 - Church Defined Total playtime of roughly 12 hours. Please share and remind if you resonate with his teachings. More people really need to hear this for what is ahead! ∞ 🎥 taken by me from youtuber Cat Trumpet. May he or she forgive me for TAKING this content to GIVE to you... 🙂🙏 "3 Hours of Amazing Nature Scenery & Relaxing Music for Stress Relief." #adampants #digitalchemy