Billions In Change 2

*This post was originally posted on Instagram in 2019 | Quote: "I believe today, in 2019, we now have all the solutions to every basic human need for adequate survival free of cost to every citizen of every nation. Legendary inventors like Nikola Tesla is only one of numerous others who demonstrated examples of this potential reality of free resources for basic modern living, from #renewableEnergy, #water and food supply, to effective healthcare and practical housing options that can end homelessness. The mission of establishing #SustainableLiving free from government reliance should be the common ground where everyone on Earth can join as one society for one common goal...after that, we can go back to our childish differences like the flawed humans we are lol But for now, can we at least grow up enough to evolve as a society where we dont have to waste our individual talents and life purpose because we're too busy working a 9 to 5 job that we hate which serves no value to our community? is a genius scientist or selfless firefighter doing working unrelated side-jobs like delivering your UberEats order just to pay rent? (Not to belittle that hustle, but you get the point). Let's grow up world. What Manoj Bhargava did with the #BillionsInChange campaign is one of the many examples of what vast wealth can and should do, as well as proof that it's possible to proceed into the future...the future is already here and has been for years...we just lack awareness of it's existence. It's time we demand the government to take action to prioritize these sustainable solutions above ALL OTHER "PRIORITIES". I believe once we accomplish that, we'll finally feel the world shift into a new era of true freedom. No longer slaves to the rigged game of survival. We'll still have divisive beliefs and negative bullshit going on in the world...that'll never end. But at least we'll be able to live our lives freely, honing our talents and contributing the best of ourselves to the communities we call home. Time is our most valuable currency, let's not waste any more of it. It's time's fuckin time. #StayVivid"