America is Great!

People unified under Trump for a reason. The message was the reason - not just a Trump slogan. Trump loves America and while he was not the best leader, he has been the only leader that has loved America and led it in the last three decades. He didn’t make America Great Again, but the message did come through him and we believed that message. I don’t believe it was just Trump that united Americans, but Americans clinging to that message. The greatness of America. I have never seen so many patriotic people rally in so many different ways. I believe so many people fell in love again with this Country so they jumped into that energy. For some it was a fad, but Trump can only be POTUS for 8 years total. Americans live on as does America. We cannot lose that message. The message unites us. It is not a false message of hope in leaders or government, but a message of hope in the people that make this great country so great. Our freedoms and rights make it great. America is the greatest country in the world! Don’t forget that message! Carry it into the streets and across the world. We will not suffer those that shame it or spit on its glory for we the people made & make this country great! God bless you all!