Now a days it seems being white is beginning to look like a crime. Even President Biden, does not want to allow certain programs to benefit white people. And this is coming from a white guy, go figure. Racism, has run rampant, and will continue to escalate until both sides confront one another. This is what the "SPIRITUAL EVIL ENTITIES" are pushing, well at least one of the things they are pushing. If a black man holds a sign saying "Black Lives Matter", in society today it's accepted. But if a white man holds a sign saying "White Lives Matter", it is considered racist. How does that make any sense whatsoever? In my book they would be both considered racist. The correct sign, and only sign that should be carried, is "All Lives Matter"!!! I for one believe that Antifa & BLM are homegrown terrorist organizations, that launder money, commit crimes, and have a 24-hour get out of jail free card. All this provided by the United States Communist party, or better known as the New World Order. We are in the end times, there is no question about it. If you can't see all the things that are changing around you, you are either legally blind, or completely lost in your own ignorance. If you haven't done so yet, I invite you to ask Jesus into your life today. As always, Say "NO"! To The Mark of The Beast馃拤, in Jesus's name. "In Jesus I Trust, With Jesus I Stand." Archangel Michael