The left can't meme

Perfect example of how the left really can't meme. The left are more miserable and less likely to be healthy or happy, statistics bear that out. ( 'body positivity' aka - being ok with being unhealthy - comes from left wing ideals. So the non Maga group isn't honestly accurately reflective of those kinds of people. The left also have a problem with consistency and self-reflection. Thus they are not very good at seeing their own faults. So the 'typical' Maga person here isn't so reflective of someone who truly wants America to be great. This is because of the last reason which is that the left have trouble properly representing people who don't agree with them (or even just don't fully agree). This is shown through the angry reactions and comments calling me racist /sexist etc for saying 'all lives matter'. Also my friend who sent me rage comic memes of a guy crying while saying 'Trump won' after the election, when I'd never even said that phrase. All I was saying was that there were a lot of election Irregularities. Which there were. The happiest people don't waste their time thinking negatively about everyone and everything. They instead want to spread happiness, and memes are a great way of doing this! #theleftcantmeme