Everyone should subscribe to the following: @usagitenshi @zvoulgaris @battlelegs @lotuspetalstudios and (don't subscribe to "and" .It's just a conjunction, not a channel.) @inessaburnellart {end quote?} Objection 1 "Why?" Response to Objection 1: Reframe your question as "Why not?" Objection 2 "You are a spammer." Response to Objection 2: You have no proof, and this is not spam. It is not even remotely related to spam. It's not even an edible object. (Unless you printed this post on something edible. But I didn't use any spam, so that would make you the spammer. Not me.) Objection 3: No. Response to Objection 3: That's a rather negative objection. You should be more positive.