These people don't think your hard earned money is yours. They believe it belongs to them and that they can dole it out to their allies any way they see fit. The destruction of America is near. It is impossible to waste this much money and not destroy the economy. They are taxing all wealth creating businesses and individuals to death while paying a large portion of the population to sit on their butts doing nothing productive. When most people make as much doing nothing but consuming as they do when they are productive, they will be sit around being leaches. If nobody is producing then there is nothing being produced for these people to consume. Prices will sky rocket and shortages will appear everywhere. (They are already common, but we should expect much worse). The Democrats will steal and destroy the wealth of America while paying off their allies and buying votes until America becomes Venezuela. We are so far along, I'm not sure we can stop it now. If this bill and H.R. 1 passes, I think America will never be the America we love again.