The 60 Days to Migrate Challenge I'm making a personal commitment to unfollow/block ANY Minds channel that still posts YouTube links here. If you haven't yet figured out that those who post YouTube videos are actively supporting tyranny, you do not deserve any attention. You are complicit with the enemy. Understanding that it is not so easy to migrate, I will be patient. I offer 60 days of leeway, to give you time to work it out and move your content elsewhere. There is NO excuse why you cannot accomplish this in 60 days. Bite the bullet and make the switch. I encourage EVERYONE to take on The 60 Days to Migrate Challenge, and that they unfollow content creators who still support YouTube by YT DDay (August 21, 2021). It is time we withdraw all public support from Alphabet Corp/Google/YouTube. Please help get the word out. I'm satisfied by withdrawing my own support, but it is far more impactful of others also make the commitment. #endbigtech #killgoogle #supportindyarts