Last night the wife and I had really fun and adventuresome sex. This reminded me of how I classify sex (and I classify everything, old scientific and detective habits) though I try never to limit myself to my classifications, just use them to benefit. Anyway the wife and I have sex often and it is an important part of our marriage relationship. So I’m going to describe and classify how I view sex and how we use sex below. I. General Kinds of Sex: Dating – sex as the result of a date. Scheduled – we often schedule our sex because of work and travel, but we also used to do this because of the kids. Spontaneous – happens spur of the moment because one or both of us are horny. II. Specific Types of Sex * Adventurous/Adventuresome – adventurous sex often as the result of mutual adventure or travels we are having. This often happens away from home. Or can even happen outdoors. Affectionate – sex as a result of affection for each other or because we have been engaging in physical affection. Animalistic/Physical/Raw – physically intense or violent (without really hurting each other) or raw sex. Often involves biting (not too hard), grabbing, a lot of physical motion and activity (Acrobatics my wife calls it, I call it sexathenics), athleticism, licking, maybe dirty talk, and usually I am the more physical one during raw sex. At times like this my wife calls me “the wolf” or “the white wolf.” I may also howl like one… lol. No, I’m actually serious about that. My wife gets really loud too but she doesn’t howl… double lol. Consolatory – because one of both of us have been through a hard experience or a rough time. Experimental and/or Exploratory – learning or practicing new techniques and/or positions, experiments, maybe light bondage (handcuffs, that kinda thing), use of toys maybe. Friendly – just because we are feeling the kind of friendliness towards each other that a long marriage engenders in one another. Fun and Playful – just having fun and as a result of play. Often involves laughter and humor. Intense/Serious – this is intense and serious sex but just short of animalistic and raw. Just for Her – sex just for her, I perform for her benefit. Just for Me – sex just for me or my benefit. Reproductive – to have kids though our reproduction days are over so that’s simply a matter of the past now. Role Play – almost always this is planned and/or scripted. Usually a lot of fun but also a lot of prep work. Often combined with Adventure. Romantic – long, lingering sex, usually with a lot of foreplay, build up (let’s say Valentine’s Day), gifts, music, and snuggling afterwards. Often very relaxing. May involve showers and baths. Grooming each other or feeding each other. * not always, but often, we might mix different types of sex together in the same experience. Last night we had both adventurous and fun/playful sex with a lot of laughter. III. Acts/Things Related to Sex that may or may not necessarily lead to sex – but that I consider part of our sex life 1. Booty Back – this is mainly for me because of my previously broken back. After a long ruck or intense workout my wife will face away from me and put her booty in the small of my back and press into me. Very good for me. Helps cure pain and helps me sleep. 2. Cuddles – self-explanatory, but cuddles take place with clothes on 3. Snuggles – self-explanatory, but snuggles happen naked 4. Snuddles – combination of cuddles and snuggles 5. Talking about sex or dirty talk (usually, though not always when separated or one of us is travelling and over the phone) 6. Poetry/Songs – my wife likes me to do this for her 7. Film – usually if my wife watches certain kinds of Romance films (strangely enough the Count of Monte Cristo is high on her list) this makes her horny and very often leads to sex. 8. Books – sometimes my wife will read a book or I’ll write an erotic story and this might lead to sex 9. Physical Training – sometimes vigorous physical training or simply because I feel very energetic and alive will make me horny and that can lead to sex 10. Achievement or Danger – if I, she, or we both achieve something important or that we’ve been working at for a long time, or I survive a danger this can lead to sex IV. Primary Components of our Marriage and Sex Life Complimenting and supporting each other and our Work Mutual Goals and Ambitions – children, home, wealth, work, career, religion, educational, spiritual, psychological, etc. Physical Affection – hugs, holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes, etc. Training Together Business Meetings and Meetings about our Marriage Travel and Exploration together Time Spent alone and doing things alone or with other people Romance Pararomance – in my case, I think my wife only has one real Pararomance and that is with a guy in our church Fidelity and Loyalty – no adultery or affairs Kissing Making Out/Heavy Petting V. Other Matters We schedule sex two to three times a week but also have certain periods of time where we intentionally abstain from sex to attend to other matters, to increase desire, for religious reasons (similar to a fast from sex, or to go on Sabbatical or Pilgrimage or Quest), because one of us is injured (usually me), and so forth. Did hurt my back a little last night though. Think I’ll rest up today and maybe not train. Well, that is our marriage and sex life. If you wish to discuss yours then feel free to. Have a Great Day Folks… #Marriage #sex #adventure #couple #Happiness