We are at a new level of insanity . All you ever hear about is blacks.They are 13 % of the population . A portion of Atlanta is literally breaking away from Atlanta and starting their own city. They will have their own police and courts. Saint Louis 12 shot on fathers day and Monday 21 June at least another 8 shot . Lost count on how many were shot on Juneteenth . We have a black prosecutor here, popo chief and mayor . Saint Louis and all of the other Democratically controlled cities are dead . They thought it would be a good idea to stop prosecuting the fellas . Well as usual that didnt work out ,as they continue their slaughter . People continue to flee any area that blacks migrate to . They know only death and destruction will follow,along with plummeting home values. So the lamestream media can keep pumping out their garbage ,portraying them as victims. The rest of us will avoid the black plague and live a peaceful life . This is not going to end well ,,,keep your powder dry .