Dax's heart was in the right place here. That's why I love his music even when I slightly disagree with what he has to say...... I was originally fine with the "Stay home" sentiment but reflecting back I did not see a single person pass out from being sick. At the time when I had facebook there was one guy I knew who said him and his wife got ill from covid 19 but they made a swift recovery. My question is how was this different from SARS? We didn't lock down America for swine flu or bird flu and during that time it once again didn't seem to effect me or anyone I knew/interacted with. Don't get me wrong. I think covid 19 is real. I agree with Dax it was man made. Even CDC and the mainstream media have admitted it came from Wuhan (Funded by Fauci!) though who knows if they are presently reinforcing that truth or "circling back" to an earlier stance. When I watch governors do live lotteries just so people will get the prick it's as if I'm living in the fever nightmare of someone like George Orwell. Do I really have to tell you all why the phrase "I'm from the government and I'll give you free shit if you take the vaccine!" is suspicious as fuck? It's "scary" when I look at certain youtube comments sections and posters are "still" calling anti-vaxxers crazy as if they believe their "benign overlords" just want to help and are in no way getting kick backs from huge pharmaceutical companies. There are people that literally think "Uncle Sam" truly loves them. It's the strangest most idiotic trait to emerge out of a generation I've ever seen. Where is the "rebellion"? The 'passion"? Some may tell me "Well, there's BLM and Antifa!" and I'm like "Oh, you mean "The Resistance" that's staunchly Democratic with rich "organizers" at the top buying up houses and properties in California?" The cognitive dissonance is maddening. At least punks during the 80's and 90's had a general distrust of the political establishment in general. No alternative life-styler at that time was sucking Democrat dick or Republican dick! https://youtu.be/EcLu2etbx6w #dax #plandemic #covid19 #wuhanlab #fauci