I am white. Don Lemon is black. Don Lemon was born in a majority black city. He now lives with his white husband in a white majority town that is only 3% black. I was born in a white majority small town. I now live in a Latino majority city that is 10% black. I'm over 300% more likely to go outside right now and see black people than Don Lemon ever is. And 100% less likely to see racist cookie jars. I don't know if I did the math right. I don't know anyone who has racist cookie jars is what I'm saying. I wouldn't give a shit, I'd assume they were being kept as historical artifacts and not that the owner is actually a racist in any way. But I'm not in the woke cult, and he is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPIWE2zNCXk