I have put a lot of Karlyn's videos on my channel. She's the walkaway chick who realized the Democrats were anti-American, she exposed the Coca-Cola "be less white" training, and has pushed back very well against Critical Race Theory. But she got hung up on the idea that you shouldn't call CRT "anti-white", and when her fans pushed back on that, she labeled them white supremacists, and has started blocking them. Just to be clear, CRT is anti-white. It is the same exact teachings as Nazi Germany. I had to learn a lto about it in Communications class and let me give you the same synopsis I received in college about CRT: The dominant culture (white, Christian, heteronormative) controls all the institutions, such as education, science, medicine, media, etc. And they control the narrative, they push their ideals on others, such as women should be thin and pretty, and men should be strong and logical, and they oppress everyone. That's exactly what Hitler said about Jews, and it's exactly what neo-Nazis say about Jews today! But replace Jews with whites. And you want to say it's not anti-white? STFU