A huge flaw I see with the Minds token being so expensive is that as the token increases in value, it costs more to boost your posts. That would be fine if you got an increased amount of value with the boost, but it stays the same. So really you just pay more money for a boost that does that same thing or worse as time goes on. The only reason I boost at all is that I'm not going to spend thousands of dollars on a lifetime subscription to Minds+ and I'm not going to start paying them with my credit card every month just to withdraw earnings. If I buy tokens at a high price and they go down, I don't want to boost posts at a loss and if I buy tokens and the value goes up, I don't want to boost tokens at a loss of my gains. Is anyone still boosting who could otherwise withdraw? Read.Cash does it right where the reach achieved is determined by the $ value put in. Because otherwise, you only want to boost when the token is doing poorly which is a backwards incentive