Of course, it has slowly emerged that the shooters were indeed black (example here). But Ayton’s comment reveals the value system of British blacks: it is perfectly understandable to gun down partygoers if one of them is someone you “didn’t feel comfortable with.” Not one of the 40 other-odd partygoers has come forward with information. Who is Sasha Johnson? An example of her attitude: when a panel tasked with examining racism, the 12-strong team found Britain to be possibly the most tolerant country in Europe. Johnson posted on Instagram that the 11 (!) black members “house negroes… who need hanging”. Her Taking The Initiative Party demands a nationwide racism register akin to the Sex Offenders Register. Such a database would mean that any (white) person even suspected of a racist offence would go on this list, rendering them unemployable and never again able to live near ethnic minorities. For British whites (a.k.a. Britons), that sounds increasingly desirable. https://vdare.com/posts/sasha-johnson-shooting-shows-black-lives-don-t-matter-to-blacks-in-u-k-either