I keep seeing all this nonsense about twitch "hottub" streams where women are literally bending over in front of the camera, licking mics, blowing popsickles and doing other overtly sexualized actions on a website age-gated by a checkbox. In the description below their stream you are only two clicks away from their onlyfans. This is one of the most popular websites for kids. For now. Until advertisers decide to back out, fucking over the income of everyone attempting to make an actual career in entertainment or competitive video games. This is a conscious decision made by the website owners, to appease this push for women to be completely objectified of their own accord. For the sake of what? Women? Well they're being seen solely as sex objects, including the ones that want to make an actual career of this. This has been an ongoing problem with twitch, youtube and many other streaming services for years. Not just the double standard of men being permanently banned for doing things that aren't nearly as bad, that's just a little bonus, fuck men right? The problem is when someone speaks against this, if they're not outright punished, they're silenced. We've already reached a point where OTHER WOMEN can't discuss, with the platform holders, the future of their own fucking careers. Other women had the chance to stand up, be vocal, make a point; but no, they left it to the few that were shamed or silenced. It was about "empowering your fellow women" right? Like if you're a black person that's against BLM, you're just a nazi, right? Boys are just as much to blame because guess whos watching the tiddy streams. Maybe if there were parents who gave a shit about what their kids were doing on the internet there wouldn't be a hundred streams filled with 1000's of 14 year old donating to "tiddystreamer69xox" with mommy's credit card. This isn't a rant against porn, I don't give a fuck about porn. Twitch is a streaming website for video games. It has an 18+ filter because sometimes the game has a booby or a head pops off. It's the context of the game. Not a woman shaking her ass for a $20 donation from a 14 year old. I didn't want to tie a political field to this because I can't fucking stand politics and people, but there's that little group of alphabet retards that are slowly infecting everything we love. Our books, our video games, our movies. They're attempting to take YOUR memories. That show you liked to watch as a kid? 5 years ago they removed a character because the voice actor made some comments on a talk show that upset the alphabets. That video game you really liked? They finally announced a sequel! Where they took the really cool male character you liked and made him a bumbling fucking retard that dies in the first 2 hours of gameplay to a butch dyke that can bench a small house. Remember that awesome book you read when you were 13? It would be awesome to share it with your children one day.. But it's impossible to find a copy because the author made a joke about chocolate pudding and everyone set a city on fire because of it. Everyone said it was fine. It's just a tuck here, a snip there, and now we're here. Nearing the end of the road. It's not just your memories they're trying to steal, it's your children's future. This probably could have been a few separate points and I'm sure I sound like a rambling retard, but I logged into Twitch account to see what people were playing right now and there was an entire section of women basically naked(and on legendary fat dude memeing on the whole charade). The entire movement to allow this was backed by the alphabet people and oddly enough feminists, who, by their definitions, should hate each other, but who am I to judge. Whether twitch wants to admit it or not, it effects the image if their site negatively, and the short term gains won't be worth it. Don't bend over backwards to appease people that don't care about you. This stands for major corporations and every individual. Anyways, goodnight everyone. No more rants for a while. (๑′ᴗ‵๑)I Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♡ ps i didn't proof read this because idgaf. delet women, replace with affection dolls.