Femi - what a weapons-grade, gold standard bellend you are. Like one of the replies covers - I think conservative PoC are 'tired' of being called 'coon', 'coconut' and 'house negro' - racism, basically - just because they disagree with the 'progressive' narrative but that doesn't seem to matter. And it's absolutely right that some people are no longer alive today because of the narrative pushed by the likes of Femi. The one that implies we can't criticise or challenge anybody non-white, or we're racist. Back in the real world,one would imagine a lot of ordinary, sensible non-white people would prefer to be challenged, engaged in debate and given the opportunity to discuss things like a fellow human being, instead of being forced into victimhood. Ditto women. Knobheads like Femi can't see it, though. And why would they? It gives them something else to blame for the fact they fail at life.