There were multiple displays of how the conservatives will lose in the "news" in the past week or so. 1-The AOC abandoning her grandma fundraiser. Saying it was a "political stunt" "beneath conservatives". 2-Trump banners being displayed at sports events. Saying conservatives shouldn't politicize the events. 3-Hunter Biden calling his lawyer a "nigga". Saying that he shouldn't be attacked because it "had an A at the end" and because politician's children shouldn't be targeted. -1 Yes, it was a political stunt, in response to a political stunt. You're demanding that only the left make politics personal. -2 The events are already politicized. You're demanding that only the left politicize culture. -3 You're retarded. The "A" at the end won't save you from them, you're empowering their double standard. Hunter the incestuous crackhead is not a child, he's the 50+ year old man Jio Briben called "the smartest man I know". Pointing out his flaws is not the same as leftists threatening to give Barron Trump to pedo rapists, it's a comment on the leadership skills of the Democrat's best presidential candidate. The left has set the battlefield. That's been allowed to happen, it's too late to change that, there's no going back unless we start winning battles so that we have the power to set the field. Refusing to fight is a win for the left. Attacking your own side for not refusing to fight is a win for the left. I understand you think you need to "stick to your principals", but maybe you can let go of your pride a little when the cost of not doing so is the death of the free world. I'm sure your grandkids won't give a fuck that you stuck to your principals while wearing the chains of the leftists.
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