A Tribute to a Friend How do you weigh loyalty or friendship? How do you measure the time you invest in relationships with people that are part of your life only for a time? Some say it’s not worth anything to know people nowadays, but I say every moment you spend investing in great people is not a moment wasted. A friend of mine left Minds yesterday. I got this massive wire and then a tagged farewell. It didn’t really hit me until today that Minds lost another great Mind and I said goodbye to a great friend. The Tribute I did yesterday for my friend was not sufficient. I guess I didn’t weigh his loss until after it sunk in. We had more in common than 80’s metal bands or politics. He’s one of the few people I’ve met on Minds I would spend a day shredding paper or bull crapping about life. @Yawgmoth_Reborn is also one of the few atheists that I’ve ever known that gave me hope to reconciling differences. How many atheist friends does a Jesus Freak have? Very few. There’s usually bitterness and hostility between Atheists and Christians, yet I never saw hostility and only respect from my friend. I guess when you’re finally secure in your ideals or beliefs you can learn how to get along with other people and theirs. Unless it was a genocidal belief system (communism/nazism) he was just cool. Definitely a cool friend. Friends. It’s not a superficial term even using pseudonyms on Minds. Just because we are names on a screen doesn’t lessen the impact that people have on each other. A name is just a name, but it’s our interactions, experiences, and faithfulness that make for good friendships. You never know who you will have an impact on or who you are to someone at that moment in their lives. People can be a force for positivity or negativity. @Yawgmoth_Reborn was a influential force in my life even for such a brief moment in time. Where ever you go I pray God’s blessing on your life and future, my friend. Thanks for always being there.