I'm taking a break

Minds is supposed to be stress free and lately it hasn't been. Plus channel growth has stalled, most new subscribers are bots and a lot of me mates aren't active anymore. #Pogmeme has stalled out, many wanted to be in it but few are able/willing to contribute. My workplace productivity has also gone down the toilet between running a Minds page and watching stonks. I hate to do this on the eve of #FridayMemeWar but if I'm not going to give my all for something I'm better off sitting this one out. I designate @kevinstreet96 acting Grand Commander for the meme war in my absence. @judge_cronos is hereby named Co-Father of Justice for the Justice Department. His word is the LAW. I would also appreciate if @ghoul777 and @coel could keep an eye on Dank History Minds for me. I will check my Minds chat from time to time, if someone needs to reach me elsewhere then they probably already have my Guilded/Discord. Smell ya later, turds.

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