My dad recently spent 6 weeks in and out of the hospital/nursing home institutions due to broken hip and a stroke that happened during his rehab period. This was really hard on my dad as he's the type that's fiercely independent, insistent on doing anything and everything possible for himself. There was a day in particular where he was shivering cold - hospital temp was at 65 and thermostat was non-adjustable (they had just changed over the system from heat to A/C after some days of a heat wave, then a cold snap came through and there was no heat). I spent over 30 minutes tracking down a couple of blankets for him, and once I finally got them made sure he was comfortable. Then I got him a few other things, went over what errands were done to keep the home front in order, and gave him something to read for later. As I was preparing to leave, as it was some time past visiting hours, he - in a weak voice, as it was only a day after the stroke - thanked me for being "very helpful to" him. Not going to lie, I nearly cried at that. All I was trying to do is make him a little more comfortable, ease the suffering a little bit as best I could. Apparently, I actually made a difference.