BIDEN TELL BORIS HE WAS EXCITED TO MEET HIS WIFE ( Then Makes Sure To Put His Paws On Her ) ======Bullhorn Barry (Opinion) Boris Johnson told President Biden that it was a great pleasure having him & that everybody was "absolutely thrilled" to see him. (Now we know that's a BIG LIE) But then Biden replied with something unexpectantly sincere. He said, and I kid you not, that he was "thrilled" to meet his wife. I have no doubt that's true and that he was very sincere about that. And when he did, he just had to put his paws on her. I'm just wandering if he got the chance to sniff her hair. Biden then went to say that he & Boris had something in common, ""We both married way above our station," he joked. Joked? Sounds more like he was creeping on his wife a little. Or a little too much. I think it's actually quite a bit creepier than just this. Why do I say that? Because when a reporter asked Biden if he was enjoying himself as the 4 of them (Joe & his wife & Boris & his wife) walked along the Cornwall shore Biden replied by saying, “I’m very grateful to be here, particularly to meet —” Biden said reaching out to grab Carrie Johnson as the video cut away. Imagine that, the video cuts away right as he starts obsessing over Boris Johnsons' wife and reaches out to grab her. I bet it was some major creepiness and hair sniffing.