THE DEEP STATE IS ABOUT TO TURN UP THE HEAT ( They Want Us To Fearfully & Humbly Kneel Before Them In Defeat ) =====by Bullhorn Barry (Opinion & Brief Analysis) As the White Hats & the American Patriot fights back, we should expect the Deep State to turn up the heat. That means potentially, more hack jobs to disrupt commerce, more false flags, more false accusations, more false arrests, more lies & misinformation, and a bigger push to vaccinate everyone. Just use your imagination! Are they going to attempt another major crisis? Another shamdemic? A mass shooting? We all know their bag of tricks, and that's why we must stay vigilant and aware. They want to put on the pressure, in the hopes that we will bow before them in full submission. But we ALL KNOW that they are running out of luck and sooner than later, they're going to get caught - BIG TIME! They're already beginning to get busted for the shamdemic and bogus vaccine jabs. The truth is, they're losing their grip on the masses & becoming more desperate by the day, so I don't rule out anything. They're probably feeling cornered and trapped and like the serpents they are, they will strike back. If they're wise, they won't try anything worse than what they've already done but since they're desperate, they'll probably go for broke & try & pull off something big and shocking. If they go that route, it's gonna backfire on them like never before. Their luck is running out and time is no longer on their side. Justice is coming. The election fraud is about to be revealed.