Natalie Portman's first fan letter was a rape fantasy...

She turned 12 on the set of LĂ©on. At 13 she recieved her first "fan letter" from a man detailing his rape fantasy of her while her local radio show started a countdown to her 18th birthday and film critics wrote about her budding breasts... Welcome to H3llyw3ird little Natalie! ...Then came along Adrien Lyne 🙄 to offer her the titular role of his 1997 Lolita remake... but she'd already learned her lesson fast enough and wisely declined. To this day, I'd bet my eye teeth NPortman was an 18 To Play actress for much longer than I ever was, given her less curvy bod. We are not the same Kibbe type đŸ€Ł (Also bet you'll view Natalie's scene with the Bishop in V for Vendetta a bit more differently next time. I can promise you that was not an easy day on set for her.) 🙀 Fun Fact! đŸ‘‰đŸ» You might be more familiar with Adrien Lyne's other Directing projects such as: Flashdance, Fatal Attraction, Indecent Proposal, and Unfaithful... đŸ€ą Sensing any themes cats? đŸ€” Speaking of Directors though let's go back to the cult classic cinema at hand. LĂ©on was directed by Luc Besson... the man with more than 5 hefty rape allegations to his name in and out of the industry ☠ He made his leading lady from La Femme Nikita his first wife, but 2yrs later he met Miss 12 year old MaĂŻwenn Le Besco and just couldn't keep his marriage together... He divorced and started dating 15 year old MaĂŻwenn when he was 31. They married a year later when she was 16 and pregnant. She claims Luc was inspired by their relationship (which ended after 9yrs when he moved on at 38 to then marry his 21 year old leading lady from The Fifth Element for a mere 2 years XD) to write the screenplay for LĂ©on: The Professional. Who knows... Though as the adage goes, writer's write what they know, no? đŸ˜č💀 *You Entertainment Industry truther types can feel free to read up on NPortman's relevant family history yourselves, I won't post all that interesting info here in this particular instance 🙃 But by all means cats, look into her early life while the Machine still lets you 👀 Subtext tends to be harder to pick up on oc for those who didn't build their careers or lives in the industry, but most can find the relevant threads in the tapestry of Tinseltown over time. Tbh it's truly really NOT worth that much of your energy. Learn enough about it to LEAVE IT behind and learn to love genuine REALITY and not their filthy fickle fantasy cats. #h3llyw3ird #tinseltowntrauma đŸ“œ By leandroxcx Sauce in first comment below đŸ‘‡đŸ»