Proud Dad Moment

So Angel did her Ancient China presentation today, and I got to watch. As she spoke I realized she will not be a public speaker without a lot of work. However, she did the best of her classmates (at least the ones I heard). The kid before her had just copy and pasted a bunch of things seemingly at random for his project and couldn't even read a lot of the words. Many of the others were good, but were very dry, no pictures, not really putting the info in their own words, and things like that. Still good work for beginners. Angel had her jokes, a lot of detail, over 1600 words all in her own voice, with some editing from me. And I helped her with her power point, so it was neat, tidy and had lots of pictures. I'm going to get her doing some power point during the summer so she can learn how to do it without my help. I do think the teacher was worried I'd helped Angel a bit too much. At the first slide the teacher was asking a bunch of questions about the Ancient Chinese Warring States, which Angel nervously answered. Then the next 4 slides (out of 36) were all about that specific topic, and very obviously written by a child. After that there were no more hard questions, just compliments and a few questions to clarify things. So yeah, I'm pretty sure she'll be getting top marks.