Love these so much! The style, the color, the mood. * U * Incredible work.

Challenge Complete!

Ladies and gentlemen, Gonzo’s Cyberpunk OC Meme Challenge is finally finished! I’ll be honest with ya, I never intended to go as hard on this as I did, but I couldn’t resist displaying all my skills on this rapid-fire production. I tried to keep each piece under 2 hours, but almost all of them shot over by varying amounts. Even so, I came close to my ideal, and I feel like I’ve greatly improved for it. Thanks to everyone for participating, and I hope you enjoyed the art of your OCs. I will definitely do a challenge again in the future, so if you’re looking for some free art of your own OC, stay tuned! As for this massive crew? Let’s just say that their mischief has been managed, with only a few glitches along the way. #cyberpunk #OCmeme #fanart #shadowrun #digitalart