My uncle (who relevantly was a belligerent hophead before he got "born again") just disowned my mom in a facebook message because that's normal for 70 year old adults to do. He accused her of supporting Communists, the genocide of unborn babies, and of siding with the devil against Christ. I mean the first one is sort of technically true since she voted for Biden, but like a lot of Americans the corporate media have betrayed, she had no idea what was really going on and it wasn't an informed decision at all. The rest is nonsense, abortion was around before the woke left and the devil isn't real. But none of it really matters, because in placing ideology over family her brother just became exactly the same as the woke left he hates so much. So fuck him. I wouldn't care if everything he said were true and/or I agreed with all of it. Betraying loved ones is treachery. That shit lands you in the 9th Circle waste deep in solid ice right next to Lucifer himself. And look how bored he is in there. You wanna be that bored for eternity? Didn't think so.