Today someone told me she was "uninvited" from a birthday party because the other attendees were "vaccinated". They explained she would be a threat to their health and emotional well-being. This shouldn't have come as a complete surprise to her. These long-time friends also, on a daily basis, try to coerce her into joining their club. Other than the delusional virtue signaling of those in the Cult of the Vaccinated, I'm still at a loss as to what logic, if any, they applied to reach this decision. Let's look at the mechanics. If you have availed yourself of this genetic modification, you can still contract the virus - this is not my opinion but on advice from all our medical experts. Despite this fact, many of these cult members now feel they have immunity; that the mask wearing and social distancing no longer apply to them. Therefore these people now arguably have a substantially greater chance of contracting the virus (if it still even exists), having less pronounced symptoms, and therefore more easily passing the disease on to the "unvaccinated". It would seem to follow the unvaccinated have more to fear from the vaccinated. They still said she could send the present.