The Never-Ending Returns of Obama

Since January 20, 2017, we've relished every moment when we thought we were finally rid of this arrogant liar. Problem is that every one of those occasions always proves us to be gullible and delusional dreamers! Unfortunately, he keeps coming back! Every time we turn around in the past five months, Emperor/Messiah Obama crawls out of the fog of Biden/Harris chaos to tell us once again that we are a racist nation, even though, with our white majority, we elected him twice! Was that just a mistake, or were we all suffering from self-inflicted "white guilt?" It's sad to consider, but we're actually suffering through the third term of Obama and his continued effort to "fundamentally transform" the USA. He loves his new role as the guy behind the Biden/Harris curtain ... the Wizard of Doom & Gloom! The Master Puppeteer! Just as in 2016, our best hope is the coming elections, 2022 and 2024!