The brutality of truth

Why does this always happen with parents and trads I talk to? We're always so close to "getting along" but then when I break out "The birds and the bees" and talk about what puberty is they're suddenly going at me like angry wasps. I'm not ragging on these people. They mean well. Maybe we are simply having a misunderstanding. But as I'm fond of reiterating, biology/nature doesn't care about our rules or our feelings. To Clarify -For context there was a young teenage guy that fucked two teachers. Later that same guy actually made a funny streaming meme about it as an adult. Because he was not "traumatized" I cannot consider him a "rape victim". -"Legally" he was statutory raped. I'm not disputing that. But to me "rape" is a heavy word that should be reserved for when people are HARMED and forced into sex against their consent. -I'm not defending the teachers either. What they did was wrong. They could have very easily abused their leverage and authority over this young man. However,when the same young man MAKES A JOKE ABOUT THIS SHIT and "owns it" when he grows up I assume he enjoyed the experience instead of being damaged by it. -Don't prostrate to me like a self righteous prude. Everyone has had a crush on one of their teachers before. Many of us would have fucked said teacher if we had the chance. "Society" considers such a relationship wrong but it's obviously on our minds because it's really friggin popular in erotic fiction and is the premise behind many pornos! By contrast if the same guy bangs the younger cheerleader instead is that magically "morally alright" just because they are closer to the same age range? What if this guy lied to said cheer-leader to open her legs or even got her drunk before he fucked her? Why,that's just growing pains,amirite? Oh, those zanny young people! Hopefully they will learn something from this comical frat-comedy mishap! Ho! Ho! Ho! (I'm dis-enchantingly flipping you off right now you hypocrites.) -Adolescence is real. Puberty is real. Certain people have sex before they are 18. Deal with it. -I'm not "encouraging" anyone to have sex in a hurry. If anything they should hold off on it until they have the basics figured out and stability in their lives. In my day that used to be anywhere from 16 to 25. "Now" certain people are "immature" and living with their parents up until their 30's-40's which just shows how bubble wrapped safe spaces and substituting text messages for physical interaction has TOTALLY FUCKED UP OUR CIVILIZATION! #safespaces #arresteddevelopment #puberty #adolescence #sexyteacher