I Piss a LOT of people off with my posts! I know I do but truth is coming out and it's going to be told, whether you like it or not, whether you give me a thumbs down and unsubscribe from my channel, I truly don't give a fuck. Truth is not about you, truth is about ALL of humanity! IF you want to be a part of all of humanity, then start paying attention. YOU will pay in some way so paying with your attention is the easiest. What I say isn't for everyone. it's best to know all info good and bad and to be prepared for the unexected. Word is... It's going to get a lot harder before the Military goes public. Stay strong. Hardest summer of the 21st century is taking place... With that said.. don't live in fear!!! Be sure to exercise.. Eat healthy .. Grow food if you can... Keep growing your spiritual light... Meditate always.. Smile... Laugh through the day... Have Lots of good Sex... And let events happen that were planned long ago by very smart people who are working to set all countries free from the great DARKNESS that has ruled Flat Earth for hundreds/thousands of years.. Be happy your on the right side of history and part of THE GREAT AWAKENING.. Or Don't.... it's ALL your Choice!