Why I'm going to buy a book of poetry: a short comment

The book's cover is above. The author is Michael Crowley. You can buy it here: https://smokestack-books.co.uk/book.php?book=202 Thanks to various people (Michael is one, historian Steve Davies is another), I've developed an interest in the English Civil War. I'm no expert; I just like reading about it. There is something to the claim divisions in that period reemerged in attenuated form during Brexit. At first, I assumed I'd have been a Leveller - the proto-liberals who supported universal adult male suffrage & related. But then I did this quiz, which, yes, is a novelty quiz, but a revealing one. It's a Civil War version of the political compass: https://www.gotoquiz.com/political_compass_english_civil_war_edition And came out as a "Recanting Cavalier"! [Pic with explanation in the comments] Admittedly, I answered while imagining myself living in the period, rather than the 21st century. Since, in many ways, we are 'all liberals now', it's easy for it to spit you out at the end as a Leveller. The process of writing so much about Brexit (roughly 100K words all up) forced me to dig into not only my own intellectual tradition (classical liberalism), but other people's as well. I turned out to be more Tory than I realised. While I like & admire many of the left-liberals trying to expel authoritarian wokery from their tradition, my Civil War reading led me to suspect, in many ways, wokery is as much a product of liberalism - even its apotheosis - as its enemy. Anyway, do buy Michael's book.