Steve Schedule 1.1

I am blessed enough to be creative! I sing! I dance! I don't actually sing or dance! ...But I do draw, write, and program! So here's a shot at scheduling out what I want to do with my time (as it allows), with regard to my creative pursuits! Monday: The first day of the week sucks, so I get to do what I want! Tuesday: Doing the art for 'In Liberty's Shadow' for @IndependenceComics covering the adventures of Carl Houston. Authored by @redleger. Wednesday: I've made some promises and self-commitments to fulfill some requests or participate in contests or DITYS's or whatever. Thursday: K-mo is something that's been rattling in my head for years and I'm getting back to it! Gonna make a Graphic Novel out of it. Friday: Programming! I've got a game in my head I want to make. I've been playing a lot of the dungeon-crawler Crypt of the Necrodancer, and want to make my own. #creative #GarageDeveloper #art #comics #writing