Yesterday I was speaking about the Pararomance, Jeffrey Epstein and the differences between the Pararomance (which is a sort of throw-back or return to much more Ancient and Medieval forms of Love and Romance) and modern pedophilia (itself a very ancient but corrupt practice), modern feminism, the various political sexual movements, and MGTOW. See post here: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1248981921231589376 Today I am going to list those salient and seminal differences so that the distinction can be clearly seen. For it is my intention, by writing these books, and championing these ideals and subjects to help return Chivalry, Romance, the Family, Childhood (an innocent and adventurous one), Marriage, and related subjects to American Life and society and to Western Culture. So that those better things become prominent and preeminent again in the West. [There are other things I intend to help return to the West, such as; God and High Religion, High Barbarism (as an antidote to “modern civilization,” and the effeminate and impotent “civilized man”) Frontierism, the Virtues, various forms of Love (as an antidote to modern hypersexualization), Exploration, Sacred Art and Literature, True Education, Personal Courage and Honor, Individualism (as an antidote to socialism and collectivism and tribalism), Logic, and Self-Discipline/Self-Restraint/Self-Improvement to name a few. But that lies beyond the scope of this post. They are related but separate efforts.] In any case here are the differences between what I both Practice in my Own Life and propose for our society and for men (High Romance and Pararomance), versus what modern society currently and erroneously and disastrously indulges in. What The Pararomance is versus Modern Pedophilia 1. between adult men and women vs. men and children 2. a long term interest in each other vs. momentary sexual exploit 3. Individual Partner vs. seeking serial victims 4. Mutual interest on both parts vs. hunting on man’s part 5. Assisting female vs. using female 6. Spend time together vs. Manipulation for sex 7. Open and public vs. secretive and maneuvering 8. Friendship vs. exploitive relationship 9. Legacy (part of your personal legacy) vs. conquest 10. Moral/Godly/Duty vs. pleasure seeking/amoral 11. Platonic and Romantic vs. adultery/sexual affair 12. Advance each other vs. malignant exploitation 13. Promote their Independence vs. their dependence 14. Chivalry and Romance vs. modern hypersexualization 15. Male Companionship vs. taking a female consort 16. Male Leadership vs. male manipulation There are other differences but those are the primary ones, though some of those listed are wider in scope than pedophilia (which is malignantly exploitative). For instance Romance vs. adultery, or Leadership versus malignant manipulation. Now to address some of the other things I mentioned. Differences between the Pararomance and other degenerate aspects of modern society that breed hostility or fear or apathy between men and women and between the two sexes. The Pararomance versus Modern Feminism, MGTOW, and the various political sexual “movements” 1. Male-female friendship vs. hostility 2. Men and Women are allies not enemies 3. Romance and Chivalry vs serial sex 4. Marriage vs. adultery or serial marriage 5. Male leadership vs. dependence on male/male replacement 6. Useful Poerful, Masculine Sex Drive vs. covetous/lecherous/weak sex drive 7. Loyalty vs. unfaithfulness 8. Inner Morality vs. mere societal ethics 9. Individual Persons vs. politics/tribes/sexes/groups 10. Mutual Affection vs. unfair/fake competition 11. Honorable v. political statement 12. Natural vs. contrived or proscribed or prescribed 13. Manhood in relating to females vs. effeminacy 14. No fear of or exploiting the other sex 15. No pretending to be the other sex I could list other differences between the Pararomance, and other advantages of the Pararomance versus all of these other things but at this point won’t. As I have more to say on the matter and books to write. Suffice it to say I have had several Pararomances over my lifetime (both pre-marriage and post-marriage) and none have ever led to adultery or affairs, and all but two (one was actually a failed romance, prior to marriage not a Pararomance, but it began as a pararomance) have been very good for me and I suspect for the women involved. My Pararomances have been with women as young as 25 (younger prior to marriage) up to women my own age and older. Some of my Pararomances have been with women I have known since Elementary school and we are still romantic, others have lasted a few brief years (until they got married or moved away or I did – you do not try to control or dictate a pararomance). I have various kinds of pararomances with women, from philosophical and intellectual and scientific to financial and business to artistic and outright Romantic. Other Pararomances are of a very specific kind, such as say with a young lady who reminds me of my own daughters, and so in those cases I tend to think of myself as more of a father figure and I try to be helpful to them in a way more similar to a father and to assist and encourage them in any way I can. I have had several pararomances with other men and with young men as well but these are not specifically Romantic (except in the broad, High Sense) and are more like Knight-Squire relationships, or Mentoring relationships, or Master-Apprenticeships (at my age anyway, don’t want to make too much of that, it’s just an understandable analogy). Often times this revolves around something like shared life experience, shared dangers, philosophy, and/or religious beliefs. These kinds of male pararomances I call Companionships. Or Brotherhoods (not by blood but by experience). I have no sexual interest in either men or children but I sometimes I also describe the interest I have in them as Romantic due to the protective nature or affection I have towards them. The same with women. And especially young women. I often feel Chivalrous and protective of them. As I do with children. I understand I am a throw-back in this sense. But I think it a very useful kind of reversion rather than the outright perversions of our current society. So I’m going to continue to promote my Reversion over our current society’s perversions. And to try to replace these modern perversions with the more Medieval and Ancient Reversions I have mentioned above. Have a Great Day Folks. I have to go hiking and workout now. #Romance #society #politics #pedophilia #West