DreamPondTX - John B Sloop (Pa4X at the Pond)

John B Sloop - So hoist up the John B’s sail. See how the main sail sets. Send for the captain ashore. Let me go home. Not all that long ago I had to play each instrument into the sequencer one at a time. Don’t even mention the drums. Mind numbing, it was. Modern technology has afforded me the ability to control the entire band with my left hand. Add to that canned intros and endings and y’all gots an on the fly arranger. I have the left hand set to trigger chord changes when a minimum of three keys are pressed at once. Under Style Play: Latin - P3 - Guitar Bosse Right Hand: Nylon Guit Intro = 2 Vari = 4 End = 3 Now don’t that make this look utterly simple!?! You may notice my left hand tends to re-strike a chord at times when it seems unnecessary. It is, unnecessary! Recorded by Mark & KORG Pa4X. Pa4X at the Pond. #music #art #dreampondtx #photography #poetry