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In Response to Nadia’s Misdirected Email, I State Exactly What I Am Looking For

Balance. The ability to stand on one foot, on a tightrope, and juggle AR-15s, ethics and dollar bills, while chanting the U.S. Constitution, in tongues. Or good health. Unweighted dreams. A mechanism for disagreeing without needing to annihilate the opposition. Doorways without doors, truth without fear. A simple tulip. One word to describe that instant between thought and pulled trigger, intent and wish, the elevated pulse and sense of diminished space and time. Sanctuary. Regret. Apology. Respect. A tonic to the bitterness, a foil to the sweet. Fitted sheets that fold. Uncommon sense. Love in the abstract. More bacon. Smiles. A closet that embraces everything you place in it. Everything. The means of unfiring guns, of reversing wounds to undamaged flesh, and rounds to their magazines, full and never used. Self-organizing drawers. Due process. Mothers who know only tears of joy. One peaceful day. Just one.