Biden is low hanging fruit we all know he's corrupt and evil. Oh but to say something against the golden boy is an absolute sin. Trump betrayed us all before Biden. Now you can claim he didn't know better but he absolutely did. This video shows the pompous insanity that has infected your lil savior. Trump you say won the last election and perhaps he did but what other real choice did people have? Trump refused to debate anyone but his elitist counterpart. These two just like all in congress and all state governors are working for a common cause. That cause is the great reset to establish the NWO. This accomplishes agenda 21 and agenda 2030 all at once. Trump tauted we would leave the UN yet he instead embraced the UN. Trump promised power restored to the people tell me in 2020 how your power was restored? Trump didn't empower you he empowered the elite that Q told you he was going after. Trump is an actor and a liar just like Biden and Obama, just as were Bush and Clinton. You are where you are now because these people not only allowed it but caused it. It is appauling that so many refuse to see truth because either their world view or ego has gotten in the way of truth. Keep playing by their rules and you will lose the game. Trump kept Fauci, Trump bought Billions in fake tests and murder shots, Trump shut down the nation, Trump did this and Biden only has continued it. Yet you believe that this was all to set the criminal elite up? LOL That takes a special kinda stupid. Q aided in quashing a rebelion and you still drink the Koolaid. Jim Jones Would Be So Proud. Your mental traps were set and the jaws are about to slam shut. Keep taking those shots and trusting the lies my friends and soon you'll see you waited far too long! #Reality #Truth #all #ICenaTraitor