What is the way to manifest the particulars of a growing trouble? The impeding doom un-known because these particulars remain un-known. Being un-known these remain immune to your interceptions. Interceptions which would alter these particulars from their trajectory... thereby preventing the manifestation of the pre-destined problem. Ignoring a problem is one thing, but not knowing that there is a problem coming, is quite another. Also, to know what part of these would be the correct part to handle? Such a treasure intuition is in such field of un-knowns. Problems incubating... growing to be a beautiful baby? Problems welcomed. Or growing into some horrendous monster? Or just a thing which stalls the wonder of living into daily sets of unwanted troubles... forever it being un-known as to just what keeps the troubles alive. INTUITION COME ALIVE!!! Help in this time... this time when help is not even known to be so needed.