Hawt teacher conundrum (Honest look into human sexuality)

So, the "hawt teacher" conundrum. We have all reflected on this topic at least once. Whether it was because of a teacher we totally had boners/wet spots for or after we heard a sordid spicy story from a friend of a friend in which the HS coach totally plowed one of the head cheer leaders from behind in a very uncomfortable place! (Maybe in a Volkswagen!) Thought experiment musings.... -Did Van Halen fuck a teacher? (One of Van Halen's songs is "Hot for teacher!") -Teachers should not bang students but what if the student likes it and was not "psychologically damaged" in any way? -How do you feel when the above was an older woman with teen guys? -How do you feel when the above teacher was an older man with teen girls? -Is there a "difference" in how you feel when these details are changed around? -How the hell can a teacher demand "child support" from the minor she fucked?! (Yes,this bullshit has happened!) -Why do male offenders in this scenario get ratio-ed,punished, and shamed into oblivion but female offenders in this scenario tend to get a light slap on the wrist and community service? Shouldn't she at the very least have her teaching license revoked so she will not do this with more students? -How can parents "feel safe and secure" whilst knowing certain teachers are fraternizing with as well as having sex with their students? What ideology is encouraging this to happen? All human beings have urges but we typically know right from wrong. As such, what frame of mind lets someone justify fucking a teenager whilst having unfair authoritative leverage over that younger person? Do such deviants simply get off on the "power-trip" dynamic at play? -If a teen girl gets fucked by an older guy she was "manipulated" "taken advantage of" "sexually abused" and "victimized". By contrast If a teen guy gets fucked by an older woman he is "lucky" "based" and "studly". (Regardless of his true feelings on the matter) WTF?? -What if the teenager banging the older teacher has more sexual experience and was the seducer? Does that mean the teenager is now "grooming" the adult? (Yes,this happens though it is a much rarer occurrence.) -Why does thinking about banging a hawt older woman or barely legal jail-bait looking slut give me a stiffy either way?! (For the record, I can fantasize about whatever I want. Fuck off!) Why is this such a popular "sub-genre" of erotic fiction? -Why are there people reading this right now that equate text on a screen with physical actions? To them are "thoughts" real life "crimes"? -Why are there so many rules,regulations,legalities,and societal taboos that make sexual relations a fucking bear-trap just waiting to snap shut around my cock?! The government cares a lot about where I stick my penis whilst politicians/elites have free-range open season on anything that moves! (Including prepubescent children apparently. Epstein didn't kill himself. (COOF!) Yes,that is me projectile vomiting in the background!) #sexuality #teachers #ageplay #epsteindidntkillhimself https://youtu.be/6M4_Ommfvv0