There are two realities in America today. One for the left, and one for everyone else. This fact is visibly obvious when you read the piece below. Back are the same unsubstantiated, disproven, and outright prevarications that the media has been reporting about Trump for years. P.S. I know this is from the Opinion section, but it is written by an otherwise full-time employee on national security for the Washington Post, Max Boot. So, it’s a little more than just an OpEd. “…someone who insisted that taking hydroxychloroquine, or possibly injecting bleach, could cure covid-19?” “…Most bizarre of all, Trump reportedly now insists that he will be reinstated as president in August.” “…he [Trump] might even win the presidency again — particularly if his opponent is …Vice President Harris, a woman of color who is a perfect target for his racist and sexist taunts.” #fakeNEWS