discord bot that pings everyone then deletes the ping to make a server feel like a group chat your welcome discordia = require('discordia') client = discordia.Client { cacheAllMembers = true, } enums = discordia.enums clock = os.clock local trim = function(s) --for token reading return s:match('^%s*(.-)%s*$') end client:on('ready', function() print('Online') end) client:on('heartbeat', function(message) print('Heartbeat') end) local parsemsg = function(message) ping = message:reply('@everyone') ping:delete() end do local token do local fp = io.open('./token.txt', 'rb') if not (fp) then print('./token.txt not found') return end token = trim(fp:read('*a')) fp:close() end client:run('Bot ' .. token) end